Well Interventions & Stimulations – Oil & Gas


High Quality Solutions

Focused on Specific Client Problems

Technological Innovation and Execution Experience are the basis of our Services

Acid and non-acid Stimulations

  • Conventional Acid Systems
  • Emulsified Acid Systems
  • Delayed Systems
  • Self-Divergent Systems
  • Solvent Systems
  • Foam Reactive and Non-Reactive Systems for Low Pressure Reservoirs
  • HT Systems

Well Cementing Services

  • Casing Cementing (Surface, Intermediate and Exploitation)
  • Squeeze Jobs (Casing Ruptures, Old Producing Intervals for Abandonment)
  • Abandonment Plugs 

Laboratory Services

Our laboratory, certified by the Entidad Mexicana de Acreditación (Q-1255-200/20 & C-1269-245/20), is an essential part in the preparation of our well stimulation and cementation well services.

Well Cementing

  • Determination of Density in Grouts
  • Cement Slurry Adjustment for Low / High Temperature
  • Cement Quality Control
  • Compatibility tests between sludge and drilling mud
  • Determination of Compressive Strength (Non Destructive Method – UCA)
  • Pumping Time Determination (Pressurized Consistometer)

Well Stimulation

  • Determination of Water and Sediments in Oil Samples
  • Physical Analysis of an Oil Sample
  • Compatibility Testing with Oil and Systems
  • Solubility Tests
  • Absorbance Tests
  • Dispersion Tests
  • Quality Control of Foamed Systems
  • Corrosion Testing